Pre-30's Meltdown


Turning 30 is a milestone in any woman's life, and it can be a source of considerable anxiety. The impending transition from your youthful and carefree 20's to your more "adult" 30's can spark an existential crisis in even the most confident and self-assured women. Some describe dwelling over the end of their "glory days" when entering their 30's, while others start thinking about childhood dreams that never quite came to fruition.

If you're approaching the big 3-0 and are feeling suddenly aimless and insecure about your career and relationships, you might be in the middle of what we know anecdotally as a pre-30 meltdown.

Much like the quarter-life crisis, a pre-30 crisis seems to stem from the misconception that you have to have everything figured out by a certain age -- causing confusion, anxiety and insecurity about the ways that your life might have veered off course or fails to measure up to your expectations. From having watched friends and colleagues go through this, we also gather that that this kind of stress and self-flagellation is avoidable, if you can get a little perspective on what's actually going on and why. Recognizing the symptoms of a late-20s identity crisis can be the first step to making the start of your third decade a lot less stressful -- and realizing that you're probably right where you need to be, after all.

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