Annual Exams


Staying healthy and early detection is key to your overall health and wellbeing.

well woman exam

Annual gynecological exam allows a healthcare provider to assess normal development of reproductive organs and screen for certain health problems. It provides an opportunity for a woman to talk with her clinician about any sexual health or reproductive concerns and to discuss general women's health care.

The importance of an annual gynecologic exam is most evident especially when the incidence of both breast and cervical cancer continue to rise. Early detection is every women’s best defense against all types of cancer. By scheduling an annual gyn exam and an annual mammogram (age dependent), women take a proactive stand against the disease. Not only does an annual exam help maintain a healthy lifestyle, it also provides comfort and reassurance and establishes a basis to compare future test results. Women also have particular nutritional needs. Your clinician can discuss bone health, the importance of calcium and iron, etc. and make recommendations related to a woman’s diet and nutritional intake.

Please Note: Most insurance carriers refer to this appointment as a Well Women visit. Should other health issues arise or are discussed with the provider during this visit, the provider will document the problem and the information will be submitted to your insurance carrier as outlined by the American Medical Association. Your insurance carrier will consider this a Problem Visit and may assess you a separate co-pay or deductible.